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Charles Johnson AKA Mr. Production

It seems like just yesterday that Panthers GM Marty Hurney went on his historic spending spree.  He was determined to factor loyalty into the situation and resign his Panther players that he drafted.  Here are the top three players that he invested in:

DeAngelo Williams- 5 years, 43 million dollars

Adressing the Panthers 2013 NFL Draft

We all remember how dominant the New York Giants defensive line has been in the past decade under the leadership of Panthers new general manager Dave Gettleman.  The newcomer's plan for his first go round with Carolina proved to have the same philosophy: A strong front four can single handedly anchor an entire 4-3 defense.

Make no mistake about it; Dave threw some wrenches in this draft as well.  Some of these head scratchers could foreshadow what is to come for the Carolina Panthers organization.  The Panthers five picks could make an instant impact, or possibly have a big role in the future.  Let us take a look at what these draft picks bring to the table. 

My First Post: Panther Fandom

My connection to the Carolina Panthers began at birth. I was born on August 3, 1995. As all Panther fans know, 1995 was the year in which our beloved franchise was established. I feel that that connection can never be broken.

When the Panthers reached the Superbowl in 2004, I was in the second grade. The school I attended had a fan day, a tribute to the Panthers making it to the Super Bowl. I was chosen by all students and staff as the winner of the most team spirit. I know, second grade, not that big of a deal. However, ever since that day I have lived for this franchise.

The Panther fan base has faltered, and there have been those loyal fans that have remained, probably those of you who are reading this right now.

I have been the most outspoken fan that I have ever seen. I am constantly giving my opinions that are so absurd! Yet, I find explanations that make sense and sway people in my direction. I am always talking Panther football.

I wrote this blurb simply to give you all s simple background of who I am. You can expect factual, yet strongly opinionated blog posts that will inform you of the latest events, yet leave you with dangling questions that will have you thirsty for more.

Join me on this journey. Go Panthers!